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July 18, 2020


dedicated to Faramarz Aslani

Song: Shab • Originally written by Faramarz Aslani • Rearranged & performed by Peyman Salimi • Bass، claps & backing vocals: Bernardo Cicchi • Extra percussions, programming and backing vocals: Federico Franchi • Artwork: Dana Nehdaran • Extra design: Negin Memari • Special thanks to Ali Azimi •



December 30, 2019

New Single “Be Ruye Ab” Out Now

Peyman Salimi’s long-awaited single – Be Ruye Ab – is now available on all music streaming services.

Words and music: Peyman Salimi
Drums: Federico Franchi

Design: Golnar Dashti
Cover Photo: Hesam Jelodar

Copyright © 2019 Justaudio Productions

Available on:

Apple Music 



CD Baby

October 10, 2019

Peyman Salimi opens for Ali Azimi at Scala, London – Oct 13, 2019

Tickets available HERE

August 5, 2019

Peyman Salimi’s solo performance in Toronto, Canada

Dear Toronto-based friends, I’m so excited to announce my very first solo show in Toronto at Small World Music Centre, September 5th, 7.30 PM! Get your tickets here:



April 18, 2019

“Won Now’ is available worldwide for download and streaming

Delighted to announce the release of my new album, “Won Now”, available now on all major music services! Special thanks to Shadi Yousefian, Ardalan Payvar, Hani Niroo, Sara Naeini, Federico Franchi, Andrea Deidda, Bernardo Cicchi, Kaveh Faraji, M. Lemsi and Martina Magionami for their beautiful contributions to this album.


Buy or stream on:


CD Baby

Apple Music/iTunes


Amazon Music




Mar 03, 2019

Peyman Salimi on Manoto’s “Echo”

Peyman was the guest of this week’s episode of “Echo”, with 3 live performances and a friendly chat with Shahu & Sara!

پیمان مهمان این هفته‌ی برنامه «اکو» در شبکه‌ی «من و تو» بود, با اجرای زنده‌ی ۳ آهنگ و گپ دوستانه با شاهو و سارا!

Feb 26, 2019

New single “Bordi Az Yadam” out now!

So pleased to announce the release of my new single “Bordi Az Yadam”, in collaboration with Hani Niroo! This is my re-interpretation of an old Iranian song, written in Summer 1957 by Mostafa Gorginzadeh (composition) and Parviz Khatibi (lyrics) which was originally performed by Delkash & Vigen. Thanks to Hani Niroo for her beautiful contribution to this project!




Rearranged & produced by Peyman Salimi

Performed by Hani Niroo & Peyman Salimi

Design / Golnar Dashti

Cover photo / Peyman Salimi





Jan 28, 2019

Album Release Party has been announced!

Peyman Salimi ft. Ardalan Payvar live @ Combo Social Club, Florence, April 18, 2019

Peyman Salimi & Ardalan Payvar will be performing at Combo Social Club in Florence on April 18, 2019 to kick off Peyman’s Europe Tour 2019 and celebrate his new album “Won Now’ release!



Jan 24, 2019

Interview with DW Farsi:

Peyman was the guest of this week’s “Aavahaye Kam Shenideh” podcast on DW Farsi. He talks about his musical background, upcoming album/tour and new single “Raj” :

آواهای کم‌شنیده از دیروز تا امروز • پیمان سلیمی

قطعه “رج” با صدای پیمان سلیمی را در پادکست این هفته “آواهای کم شنیده از دیروز تا امروز” می‌شنوید. این قطعه قرار است در قالب آلبومی در آوریل ۲۰۱۹ منتشر شود. پیمان سلیمی در این برنامه از دلایل ماندگار نبودن تولیدات موسیقیایی جدید هم می‌گوید


Jan 24, 2019

Europe Tour 2019 dates have been announced:



European tour 2019 dates, in collaboration with Ardalan Payvar, has been announced! Make your calendar:


April 18 – Florence (album release date)
April 20 – Paris
April 23 – Berlin
April 25 – Stockholm
April 27 – London
Buy tickets:


Dec 18, 2018

“Raj” is out now:

Today I’m proud to share the new single “Raj” (رج) from my upcoming album, “Won Now”, scheduled to be released on April 18, 2019. Also thrilled to announce that it will be followed by five European dates, in collaboration with Ardalan Payvar from Eendo!


Artwork by Shadi Yousefian

Save the date:
April 18 – Florence (album release date)
April 20 – Paris
April 23 – Berlin
April 25 – Stockholm
April 27 – London
Summer 2019 – US & Canada
Details coming soon!
Many thanks to my dear friend Shadi Yousefian, for the unique artwork she has exclusively made for this track! (
Words & music: Peyman Salimi
Artwork: Shadi Yousefian
Buy “Raj” on CD Baby:
Stream “Raj’ on:



Nov 19, 2018

New single “Peidha” is out now:

So pleased to announce that the final version of “Peidha” is available for streaming + download on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming platforms. Many thanks to Bernardo Cicchi (Bass), Ardalan Payvar (Backing vocals) and Kaveh Faraji (Cello) for their awesome contributions to this track.

Words & music: Peyman Salimi
Artwork: Ardalan Payvar

Nov 1, 2018

“Aseman” outdoor performance video is available on YouTube:

After 22 years of friendship we finally made it!! This is me & Nima Javadi’s 1st official collaboration as singer-songwriter and video maker. We dreamed of this when we were sitting on the same bench at middle school back in Tehran. All we knew was that we would eventually end up in the world of creativity, and we did!

Words & music: Peyman Salimi
Director: Nima Javadi

Peyman Salimi – Soak (Outdoor Performance at Victory Trailhead Park)



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