Peyman Salimi is an Italian-Iranian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music producer. He grew up in Iran, until moving to Florence, Italy in 2004 to study classical guitar. He is best known as the founder and lead vocalist of the pop-rock band, The Allophones

As a singer-songwriter, he recorded his first solo album in 2008, titled “The Curtain.” Following this, he founded The Allophones in 2010 where he led the band for 9 years before producing his second solo album, “Won Now,” released in 2019. Peyman is described as a mature artist, coming from a high level of musical background. Creating music that connects the relationship of his Persian origins to his English-style songwriting while encompassing folk influences, tinted with small electronic brushstrokes.

Early Life

Peyman grew up in Tehran, Iran where his musical interest started by taking piano lessons at the age of six. He then developed a passion for the guitar, and after graduating from Alborz High School in Tehran he attended the Faculty of Fine Art at the University of Tehran, where he studied Classical Guitar Performance. 

To pursue music professionally, he moved to Florence, Italy in 2004 to study guitar with Alfonso Borghese at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini and Fiesole Music School. He then got his Masters degree in Music Technology at the same Conservatory, graduating with honors.

Music Career

In 2010, Peyman founded the band The Allophones in Florence, Italy. The band consisted of Peyman, Andrea Deidda, Bernardo Cicchi, and Federico Franchi. They moved on to win the T-Rumors contest in 2011, a music competition lead by a group of artistic directors of the Toscana Musiche program.

The band released their first EP “Stalemate” in 2013, under the artistic direction of Antonio Aiazzi,  an Italian keyboardist and formerly a member of Litfiba musical group. Their first official album “Muscle Memory” was released in 2017, and was mixed by Tiziano Borghi and Eduardo de la Paz, former sound engineer of The National, Local Natives, Arcade Fire, and 2x grammy winning producer & mixer. After 9 years as the lead vocalist and main songwriter of The Allophones, Peyman moved on to work on his solo project, operating under the nickname “Peyman S’Oyle,” meaning scintillating oil or sparkling oil. In an interview with, Peyman explained that the nickname was created due to the fact that he no longer found a connection between his music created in his first album, “The Curtain,” and the music that he produces today. The name was also used to remind him of something that has and continues to ruin lives in the Middle East. Peyman no longer goes by this nickname. 

His second self-produced album, “Won Now,” was released in April 2019. The album is said to have a more intimate approach with electronic elements added to the guitar and voice, and is comprised of 9 tracks in English and 5 tracks in Persian.

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