Nov 1, 2018

After 22 years of friendship we finally made it!! This is me & Nima Javadi’s 1st official collaboration as singer-songwriter and video maker. We dreamed of this when we were sitting on the same bench at middle school back in Tehran. All we knew was that we would eventually end up in the world of creativity, and we did!

Peyman Salimi – Soak (Outdoor Performance at Victory Trailhead Park)

Written and performed by Peyman Salimi ,   Directed by Nima Javadi


Peyman Salimi is an Iranian composer, singer/songwriter and music producer based in Florence, Italy. He took his first steps in music by taking piano lessons at the age of six . It was in his teens that he set his heart on the sound of the guitar. After being graduated from Alborz high school he decided to pursue music professionally and enrolled in ‘Classical Guitar Performance’ at the Faculty of Fine Art of the University of Tehran. In 2004 he moved to Florence, Italy, to continue his classical guitar studies with Alfonso Borghese at the Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini and Fiesole Music School. He continued his master studies in Music Technology at the same Conservatory and graduated with honors. His debut album “The Curtain ” was released in February 2008. The first single of the album, titled “Ten Thousand Miles Away”, received positive reviews on the web. In 2010 he founded the alternative band “The Allophones” with which he mostly plays his alternative rock-oriented songs. In 2011 The Allophones won the first prize of T-rumors , one of the most important contests aimed at emerging bands in Italy. The band has published two albums since then; Stalemate came out in 2013 establishing their personal sound, to be matured then in their last work Muscle Memory, released in 2017. Currently he’s recording his second solo LP “Won Now” which will be published in April 2019.